Wednesday, 31 August 2011

{Spotlight} Lauryl Lane: Botanical Stylist

Today I have the pleasure of shining the spotlight on Lauryl Lane. 
She's a Botanical Stylist from L.A. and as far as she knows, she's the only Botanical Stylist in the world! 

{Lauryl Lane with one of her beautiful floral creations — Photo by Alec Vanderboom}
{Lauryl Lane + Richelle Dante}

Her Background
As a girl, Lauryl was allowed to assist her mother, Calligrapher Victoria Hoke Lane, with her work. This gave Lauryl the opportunity to grow up surrounded by weddings and she learned from an early age how to work with engaged couples and contribute to their wedding day. In a sense, she has a lifetime of experience to offer! Lauryl is also a classical trained actor and she brings her theatrical background to her creations. I'll let her explain...

"In live theatre, there is a theatrical formula called the 'suspension of disbelief.' This refers to an audience being able to overlook the limitations surrounding them. For example, while in reality they are watching actors on a stage reciting lines, what you WANT them to believe is that Romeo and Juliet really are killing themselves for love. Ultimately though, it's much easier for both the actor and the audience to accept and believe in the world of the play if there are costumes, props, and set decorations that lend themselves to that world. For weddings and events, I take a similar approach to theatre production: one of my primary goals is to convince the guests that they are in a unique setting. They may be in a church where thousands of people have been married, or a hotel, or a backyard. No matter the location, the d├ęcor should reflect the personalities of the couple being joined in marriage. The world I create for my clients is in essence, the product of their deepest fantasies, their 'wedding dream come true.'" 

{Lauryl Lane & Braedon Photography}
Her Clients
With her experience, creativity and ability to market herself as the world's only Botanical Stylist (a term coined by her brother-in-law and recently trademarked), it is not surprising that Lauryl has managed to attract many A-list clients. Unfortunately for those of you who love juicy details, Lauryl has stayed true to her professional promise of confidentiality and thus these clients names will remain unclosed but don't despair completely because Lauryl was able to say that she has worked with clients who have won Oscars, Emmys, Grammy Awards as well as two gentlemen who have been named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man of the Year.” (Exciting!) Unlike many designers who will simply create whatever the bride asks for, Lauryl's clients trust her ability and style enough to leave the designing up to her. She doesn't discriminate against anyone but she chooses her jobs carefully so that the designer/client relationship works smoothly, making it possible for Lauryl to create pieces that reflect what she knows or feels about the client. 
{Lauryl Lane}
Her Style/What Make her Unique
Lauryl's 'signature touch' is that she never designs the same wedding twice. Lauryl believes that each client deserves a design that is unique to them and so unlike many wedding/event designers who recycled their designs over and over, she can assure her clients that whatever she designs for them is truly special and will not be used by another client down the road. Believing that attention to detail can make all the difference in the world, Lauryl places a stronger emphasis on presentation than most other designers. In her own word, "...a boutonniere presented on a silver tray is going to make a far bigger impact than the same boutonniere handed over in a plastic box!" Lauryl spent some time studying in London and Stratford-Upon-Avon in England where she came to appreciate "how much importances British people put on making their surroundings beautiful." Whether she's designing a wedding or her own home she strives to surround herself with beautiful things that inspire her. 

{Lauryl Lane + Adrienne Gunde}
Her Eco-Conscious Efforts
Lauryl runs her business and her home with a strong emphasis on eco-consciousness. She does simple things like using energy efficient lights and appliances and using cloth napkins and rags rather than using paper towels. All of her business stationary is on 100% recycled paper with soy-based inks. She only orders flowers from suppliers who can assure her that the flowers are grown sustainably and that the workers who care for the flowers are paid a decent wage. She has her suppliers deliver the flowers unwrapped so that newspaper and cardboard boxes aren't waste. She does her best to buy flowers locally to reduce her 'carbon footprint' but many of the plants do need to be important from other countries. She'd love to grow more of her own flowers but living in the city makes that quite difficult. She does, however, grow most of the succulents that are included in her designs. After an event, she repurposes the flowers into small arrangements (in recyclable containers) and donates them to local senior citizen's centres to be enjoyed. Flowers that have died in her care are composted or recycled in 'green bins.' She also rents the vessels and vases that she uses in her designs so that they can be repurposed over and over again. These are just a few of the many eco-friedly practices Lauryl incorporates into her business. 
{Lauryl Lane + Jessica Claire}

{Lauryl Lane & Braedon Photography}
{Lauryl Lane}

{Lauryl Lane & Jasmine Star Photography}

{Lauryl Lane + Desi Baytan}

{Lauryl Lane & Jasmine Star Photography}
{Lauryl Lane & Jasmine Star Photography}
{Lauryl Lane & Kim Fox Photography}

Lauryl's Advice for Brides
Choose your floral and event designers based on how well you connect with them! There are of course many important factors to consider when you are hiring your wedding designers and vendors, but you will rest easy if your personalities jive, and everything else will just fall into place naturally. If you can’t afford a full-scale event designer, choose a floral designer whose work you love, and ask for local, seasonal flowers. The fewer limitations you set, the more your floral designer should be able to work with your budget.


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